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Sound and Necessary Foundation

Tuesday 02 August, 2011

For years the school system has neglected the beginning reading process, instead schools started students mid-process. As a result reading competency is poor or compromised for most children, youth and a generation of adults. This is particularly true with ESL and Aboriginal students as English language mastery is generally lower for these students. I have seen this reversed in two different schools after each used the Jolly Phonics program as an introduction and foundation for the reading process. It is heart warming to see a student population plagued with illiteracy, or, far below grade level; gain reading skills and transferable competency.
Jolly Phonics provides a sound and necessary foundation for the reading process. Beyond this there is a complimentary beginning writing program that solidifies this learning. While many new reading programs are truly no more than adaptations of what has failed our students in the recent past, Jolly Phonics is different; yet based on traditional approaches that have proven to be successful. After being a Principal for both Provincial and First Nations schools, I strongly recommend Jolly Phonics as a first and critical reading program for all students.
Testimonial By: Dr. Gordon Breen Director of Education - First Nations, AB

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